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What happens when you arrive at our Crematorium?

Your pet will be handled carefully and placed in our Farewell Room where you may reflect on your time together and say your last goodbyeís in private.

Will the ashes I get back really be those of my pet?

We GUARANTEE that the ashes you receive will be the ashes of your beloved pet and we will provide you with a signed certificate as proof of individual cremation.

How do I get my pet to you?

You can bring your pet to our crematorium by prior appointment or alternatively we can collect your pet from your home or veterinary practice, again by prior arrangements to suit your needs.

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Cremation Services

We cater for all small to large animals

Cremation is the process of reducing the body by exposing it to intense heat and reducing the remains to ashes, it is a very clean and dignified process. Several Cremation options are available to individuals and caring veterinary practices . To help you decide what is best for your pet, just ask yourself “is it important to have my pets ashes back?” feel free to contact us to talk through your requirements we are happy to help you and discuss your options during this sad time.

Individual Cremation

An individual cremation is when your pet is the only pet in the cremation chamber. You can witness your petís placement into the cremation chamber by prior arrangement if you wish - please ask for an attended cremation if you wish to do so. The chamber physically separates your pet from any other petís and we have a standard procedure for tracking your pet during this process, eliminating the possibilities of any errors.

With individual cremations your petís remains are returned to you with a certificate of cremation in a complimentary scatter tube or alternatively you can choose from a selection of decorative urns and memoribilia you can purchase at a time convenient to you. You can be assured that the ashes returned to you are soley of your pet and have the peace of mind that your beloved pet has been handled with compassion and respect they deserve.

Attended Cremation

For added peace of mind you are able to choose an Attended Cremation Service which enables you to witness the placement of your pet into the cremation chamber by prior appointment. You will be able to collect your pets ashes the same day at a time agreed determined by the time of cremation.

Veterinary Practices

We offer caring veterinary practices and your clients individual and group cremations with a collection and delivery service which can be tailored to suit your surgeries and clients needs. Please feel free to contact us for more information or to arrange a site visit to enable you to have peace of mind that our crematorium is relalible, professional and fully licensed.

The Frewell Room

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